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ComEd Bill Or Restarting Service Assistance Programs

ComEd has a program for customers experiencing hardship and difficulties to pay outstanding bills, credits to restart service and options to pay a smaller percentage of a bill to get reconnected.


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Modifié sur April 2, 2021


Get Hired Illinois

Jobs website for workers and employers in Illinois.

Modifié sur August 6, 2020


Telehealth Remote Care for Mild COVID-19 Cases

If you believe you may have a mild case of COVID-19, this remote patient monitoring program is available to anyone with or without insurance in Illinois.

Patients receive daily virtual visits by health care workers and receive wellness kits that include things like thermometers and pulse oximeters and blood pressure cuffs.

Modifié sur May 18, 2020


Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Unemployment benefits for independent contract workers.


Modifié sur July 1, 2020


Executive Orders Related to COVID-19 in Illinois

A list of all the Executive Orders in Illinois by Governor Pritzker.

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Modifié sur July 7, 2020


How to file for unemployment in Illinois

Watch how to file for unemployment in Illinois.


Modifié sur July 14, 2020


Aid to the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (AABD)

Cash for seniors, blind or have a disability.

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Modifié sur October 3, 2020

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Workers Rights Manual

Free publication on workers' rights in Illinois.

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Modifié sur April 21, 2020

Aide juridique

Report Price Gouging

Report inflated prices on essential goods to Attorney General Kwame Raoul's Office.

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Modifié sur May 15, 2020

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Call4Calm is an Illinois COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline. Text “TALK” to 552020, or for Spanish, “HABLAR” to 552020. A mental health professional will reach out within 24 hours. You can also text key words like "unemployment" or "shelter" to receive a list of resources.

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Modifié sur May 15, 2020